Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For 2023

Silver Packet Vase in a small size by Rebecca Joselyn handmade silverware piece made in Sheffield

Silver Packet Vase in a small size by Rebecca Joselyn handmade silverware piece made in Sheffield

Your wedding anniversary is the time to celebrate your marriage and love, which has progressed through various stages. It is a common practice in many countries. However, you must understand how to observe such a celebration.

Selecting a wedding anniversary gift for a wife, husband, or couple may be difficult. You may sometimes wonder if the person will appreciate what you got for them. Every year, your wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate your relationship and love, which has grown stronger over time. It is a widespread practice in many countries. But how do you mark such an occasion?

Kitchen and home decor supplies, jewellery, travel gifts, and art and design gifts are all tried and true gift ideas. However, you’ve to choose based on the couple’s age, personality, and interests.

What Are The Ideal Wedding Anniversary Gift For 2023?

Here are Rebecca Joselyn’s 60 wedding anniversary gifts ideas for 2023.

1st Anniversary: Paper

A small silver paper gift bag is the traditional present for your first anniversary. Paper strands serve as a metaphor for the tenacity and interconnectedness of your burgeoning bond. Paper is a metaphor for the start of a new life together and a blank slate.

 2nd Anniversary: Cotton 

Cotton is the traditional second-anniversary gift, so this is an excellent time to splurge on upgraded bedding or a cosy throw while snuggling up on the couch together. Consider adding to your entertaining stash or finding a unique piece as a modern gift. But, by all means, think outside the box, and remember that a personalised, custom gift is always a safe bet.

3rd Anniversary: Leather

What is the usual third wedding anniversary gift for 2023? Leather is a traditional gift. It is more robust and durable than the first-anniversary gift (paper) and the second-anniversary gift (cotton) but is still malleable.

4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers

Your relationship is flourishing and maturing after four years, just like the traditional gift of fruit or flowers. For a sweet and sentimental touch, have your blacksmith create a Small ‘Packet Vase’ in Sterling Silver for your wedding bouquet or set aside some time to plant a garden together.

5th Anniversary: Wood

Wood is the traditional fifth-anniversary gift. Wood symbolises strong roots and a long-lasting relationship. It is a cool gift idea. It may not appear to be the most romantic option. But couples traditionally give each other wood for their wedding anniversary. It reflects the strength and endurance of your marriage and the deep eternal roots you’re establishing. Silverware represents the modern gift for the fifth anniversary.

6th Anniversary: Candy or Iron·

For the sixth year of marriage, the traditional gift is iron. Iron is a significant metal, and its strength and indestructibility symbolise a married couple’s unbreakable bond.

This wedding anniversary is all about making things unique for the couple, and we believe that the traditional gift for the fifth year is a unique piece of candy or iron

7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper 

Copper, a symbol of strength, beauty, and riches, commemorates the seventh anniversary in the United Kingdom. Its malleability wonderfully expresses the love of a married pair who must submit to each other’s wishes, while copper’s conductivity symbolises the relationship’s warmth.

8th Anniversary: Pottery or Bronze

 Bronze is a fantastic 8th Wedding Anniversary Gift. A bronze-themed present is a classic gift to commemorate eight years of marriage. It is a beautiful idea for a wedding anniversary gift, as bronze is created by combining tin and copper to make a durable item.

 9th Anniversary: Willow or Pottery 

Pottery and willow wood are conventional ninth-anniversary gifts. Pottery represents a simple natural element (clay) that has been transformed over time (with a great deal of care) into a beautifully crafted object. In the meantime, willow wood is used to create wicker and rattan products.

10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum

Traditionally, the 10th wedding anniversary is commemorated with Bespoke ‘Sardine’ Sauce Pot in Sterling Silver. It is known for its durability and resistance to rust. It represents the longevity of your marriage. If you wish to present or receive a gift that is a bit more opulent, you may pick the more contemporary 10th-anniversary theme.

Silver 'Sardine' Sauce Pot by Sheffield Silversmith and Jeweller Rebecca Joselyn

A Silver Tuna Can opened and designed by Rebecca Joselyn handmade in Sheffield

 11th Anniversary: Steel 

Steel is the traditional present given to commemorate the eleventh wedding anniversary. It is prized for its resilience and tenacity. Steel is a product of iron and carbon, making it virtually corrosion and damage resistant.

12th Anniversary: Silk or Linen 

Silk is the traditional gift for a 12th wedding anniversary. Pearl is an alternative modern gift for 12 years of marriage.

Silk and fine linen are the traditional gifts for a couple’s 12th wedding anniversary, as these two classic home decor materials symbolise the life the couple has built together. These opulent fabrics represent the security and comfort felt after twelve years of marriage.

13th Anniversary: Lace 

Lace is traditionally given on the thirteenth wedding anniversary, its intricate design symbolising the intertwining of the couple’s lives during thirteen years of marriage. The modern theme for the thirteenth wedding anniversary is furs and textiles, symbolising the protection and warmth derived from a successful and comfortable union.

14th Anniversary: Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery has become the go-to choice for people who want to give a 14th wedding anniversary gift instead of ivory. You really cannot go wrong with gold jewellery. It is timeless and classic, and if you take good care of it, it keeps its value. When it comes to gold jewellery, there are a lot of choices.

15th Anniversary: Crystal

The traditional gift for the 15th Wedding Anniversary in the United Kingdom is crystal – how posh! It is chosen as a luxurious product for its clarity and transparency, representing how you see each other in your long-lasting union.

16th Anniversary: Coffee or Tea

In keeping with tradition, a cup of coffee or tea might be a unique way to kick off your sixteenth anniversary and every day that follows. The options for thoughtful coffee and tea-themed presents are practically endless, and they go far beyond the standard gourmet coffee, cute mugs, and gift certificates to local cafes.

17th Anniversary: Wine or Spirits

Any gin connoisseur would appreciate receiving a double-ended spirit measure as a present. It makes for a great present because it may be personalised with a special message. Get in touch, and we will be glad to be of assistance with a wine measure. Toast the happy couple, who have been together for 17 incredible years!

18th Anniversary: Appliances

One of the most memorable milestones in a marriage is the 18th anniversary. You’re in the proper place to find ideas and guidance for 18th wedding anniversary gifts. When it comes to your 18th wedding anniversary, traditionally celebrated as the Appliances Anniversary, you will either have to get inventive to stay on trend or choose an item you know your spouse will truly appreciate. Gifts like wedding clocks, Couple Under Guardian Angel, automatic stand mixers, etc. are great 18th wedding anniversary gift items. 

19th Anniversary: Jade

Jade is an excellent choice for an 18th wedding anniversary gift for 2023. Jade is commonly carved into jewellery, ornaments, urns, vases, and statues. You can use diamond-tipped tools to cut stones due to their toughness. You can polish it to a gleaming sheen. 

20th Anniversary: China 

China, signifying the elegance and finesse of your partnership, is the traditional token of appreciation. It is also a great opportunity to replace the outdated cookware you registered for on your wedding day.

 21st Anniversary: Fire (theme) 

Fire theme can go for a modern 21st-anniversary gift item. Fire symbolises the warmth and passion that has driven you ahead for the past two decades of being together.

 22nd Anniversary: Water (theme)

Are you having trouble deciding what to get for a 22nd wedding anniversary? If you’re looking for something that can double as a water jug and still look nice on the table, watering can be made of sterling silver can be a terrific option. Put flowers on display or use them to water houseplants with this versatile vessel.

23rd Anniversary: Air (theme)

You can mark a 23rd wedding anniversary with a gift made of an “air” theme. Though some anniversaries are associated with precious metals, others are represented by wood or paper, and the possibilities for these presents are almost limitless. 

24th Anniversary: Stone (theme) 

A stone is a perfect gift for the celebration of a 24th wedding anniversary. It symbolises everlasting love for each other.

25th Anniversary: Silver

Short Silver Long Vase, a smaller version of our Long ‘Packet’ Vase in Sterling Silver can be presented as a 25th-anniversary wedding gift. This lovely Vase is perfect for a window sill, sideboards, or a table centrepiece. It works great with flowers picked from the garden or planters.

Long Silver 'Packet' Vase by Sheffield Silversmith and Jeweller Rebecca Joselyn

Silver long packet vase by Rebecca Joselyn handmade in Sheffield

 26th Anniversary: Art

The current tradition for celebrating a marriage’s 26th year is to commission a work of art that encapsulates the couple’s journey through life together. Giving a photo album as a present symbolises the eternal quality of love, much as a photograph or portrait does for a fleeting period in life.

27th Anniversary: Music    

The trendy theme for a 27th wedding anniversary is music, even though it is not customary. Good music helps to bring back good memories and solidifies the bond between the couple.

 28th Anniversary: Linens

The 28th wedding anniversary isn’t commemorated with a specific present. Linens, on the other hand, have become a trendy idea in recent years.

29th Anniversary: Tools

A bespoke handmade Wooden ‘Toolbox’ can be a perfect 29th wedding anniversary gift item. It’s available in a selection of woods and comes complete with a set of bespoke Silver tools.

30th Anniversary: Pearls

Pearls are the traditional present for a marriage that has lasted 30 years because they are unique and rare. Due to their rarity, natural pearls were traditionally given as gifts to wives on the occasion of their 30th wedding anniversary.

31st Anniversary: Travel 

The modern equivalent of the traditional gift given on the 31st anniversary of a marriage is travelling to a place of interest. Take a trip to commemorate your 31 years of marriage by visiting some of the sites you both find most meaningful.

 32nd Anniversary: Bronze 

If you’re celebrating the 32nd year of marriage, the traditional present is something bronze-related. It’s a beautiful metaphor for marriage because bronze is created when tin and copper are combined.

33rd Anniversary: Iron 

For the 33rd year of marriage, iron represents a traditional gift to symbolise the stability of the couple’s bond. A solid iron gift is a fitting token of your unbreakable love.

34th Anniversary: Food

It is a special gift for a 34th wedding anniversary. A handmade Sterling Silver egg cup with a completely gilded silver spoon can make a difference on such a special occasion. It is a great eye-catching design on the table and a fabulous way to set the day rolling! Sterling Silver Egg Cup can also be a perfect way to commemorate special occasions such as a 34th wedding anniversary.

Sheffield Silversmith and Jeweller Rebecca Joselyn

One of Rebecca Joselyn’s handmade silverware piece made in Sheffield

35th Anniversary: Coral 

In the past, people have given gifts of coral or, more recently, jade to mark their 35th wedding anniversary. Coral is a living substance that grows in warm seas. It takes a long time to grow and can be polished to look bright red or pink.

36th Anniversary: Antiques 

One of the best ways to show your love to mark the 36th wedding anniversary is to give a special anniversary gift they will remember forever. If you want to give a special anniversary gift, you might as well think of antiques.

 37th Anniversary: Books 

Make a personalised book to mark an important 37th wedding anniversary, a wedding anniversary, or a funny relationship milestone. The best gifts for an anniversary come from the heart. Instead of a card and flowers, give your partner a gift that tells the story of how you met and fell in love.

38th Anniversary: Luck (theme)

Giving someone a 38th wedding anniversary gift with lucky charms or signs is a great way to wish them the best. Frames, keychains, T-shirts, necklaces, charm bracelets, figurines, and coffee mugs are all examples of gifts that can be personalised with good luck charms that fit the person and the occasion.

 39th Anniversary: Laughter (theme) 

There is a modern version of the 39th wedding anniversary gift associated with the theme of laughter.

Celebrate the good times they’ve had and the good times they’ll have by giving them a gift that will make them happy.

40th Anniversary: Ruby 

A 40th wedding anniversary is a reason to celebrate, and the ruby is the traditional gift for that occasion. This bright red stone has a lot of meanings. It stands for romance, devotion, and passion, which makes it a great choice for such an important milestone.

 41st Anniversary: Office or Desk Decor

Desk decor has become the modern 41st wedding anniversary gift for those who prefer something a little more modern. They represent a couple’s love and pride in each other.

 42nd Anniversary: Clocks or Watches  

Watches and decorative clocks are some of the best 42nd wedding anniversary gifts. Perhaps you’re looking for something related to a memorable event, such as how the couple met or an unforgettable trip. 

43rd Anniversary: Entertainment (theme)

A Bespoke ‘Forever Straw’ in Sterling Silver with a recreated throwaway bendy straw can be a fantastic choice of gift item to mark the 43rd wedding anniversary.

Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, it can be used with any ice-cold drink to entertain guests. Silver is anti-bacterial. So, it is a great choice when used to serve food and drinks.

44th Anniversary: Electronics (theme) 

Electronic Organizer as a 44th-anniversary gift is a great way to retain great memories and a super-cool gift to give.

Untangling chargers and wires on long trips is something we all despise. It is a fantastic practical gift for a man because it allows him to organise all his electronic chargers. It even has a small pocket, which is especially useful for guys with a work phone.

 45th Anniversary: Sapphire 

The 45th anniversary is the sapphire anniversary, as the gemstone represents both traditional and modern gifts. The traditional sapphire colour is a deep, rich blue, similar to the colour of the sea.

 46th Anniversary: Games 

Are you looking for 46th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Video Game Lovers? The best gift for a 46th wedding anniversary is a set of personalised Thanksgiving games for the whole family. Get This 46th Wedding Anniversary Party Gift for Him and Her!

47th Anniversary: Garden or Plants

Have you ever considered giving out a Long ‘Packet’ Vase in Sterling Silver as a 47th wedding anniversary gift to the beloved couple?

Silver 'Packet Vases' Set of Four Silver Vases by Sheffield Silversmith and Jeweller Rebecca Joselyn

Set of four silver vases by Rebecca Joselyn handmade silverware made in Sheffield

This lovely long Vase is perfect for a window sill, sideboards, or centrepiece for the table. It works great with flowers picked from the garden or planters.

48th Anniversary: Home Improvement (theme) 

There is no traditional gift for the 48th wedding anniversary, however, the modern gift is a home improvement theme gift. This includes any item that can help give the couple’s home a befitting look and create a unifying bond.

49th Anniversary: Copper

Copper, which has 29 atoms, is the traditional gift for the 49th anniversary. Copper is a sign of how lucky you are to have found your partner and how lucky you will be in your marriage.

50th Anniversary: Gold 

The 50th year of a marriage is often called the “Golden Anniversary” and is often associated with gold. Like what the colour gold stands for, the 50th year of a couple’s marriage brings them a wealth of experiences, and the refining process gives them hope for the 51st year and beyond.

51st Anniversary: Photos or Cameras

If you didn’t do it on their 50th wedding anniversary, take them to a professional photography studio to have a portrait taken of them. Remember that everyone in the family would appreciate having copies.

You can also purchase a high-end digital camera for them.


 52nd Anniversary: Bath or Spa (theme) 

While there is no traditional gift for the 52nd wedding anniversary, a modern gift, such as a bath and spa theme, is frequently presented as a wedding anniversary gift.


53rd Anniversary: Plastic

You can get a nice plastic and present it to a couple as a 53rd wedding anniversary gift.

54th Anniversary: Glass

The 54th wedding anniversary has no traditional gift. Glass has recently become a modern gift symbol for couples seeking new inspiration after 54 years of marriage. 

 55th Anniversary: Emerald 

 The 55th wedding anniversary is also called the emerald wedding anniversary. This deep green gemstone symbolises both traditional and modern gifts and represents an eternal commitment. Indeed, emeralds are said to change colour if a partner is unfaithful.

56th Anniversary: Day (theme)

What is the symbol for the 56th wedding anniversary? There are no traditional symbols for the 56th wedding anniversary. A day theme is an excellent option for the 56th wedding anniversary gifts.

57th Anniversary: Night (theme)

A night theme is also a great option as a 57th wedding anniversary gift.

 58th Anniversary: Faith and Hope (theme)

Every marriage that has lasted for 58 years must have been built on the foundation of faith and hope. Thus, a choice of faith in God and hope for better things to happen can be a great wedding anniversary gift.

59th Anniversary: Charity (theme)

There is no traditional gift for the 59th wedding anniversary; instead, the modern gift is charity, which can be presented in a frame and accompanied by some beautiful artwork. 

60th Anniversary: Diamond 

Modern and traditional rules say that a Bespoke Platinum One Carat Diamond Necklace from Rebecca Joselyn is the perfect gift for a 60th wedding anniversary.

Bespoke Platinum One Carat Diamond Necklace by Sheffield Silversmith and Jeweller Rebecca Joselyn

Diamond Necklace by Rebecca Joselyn handmade jewellery piece made in Sheffield

It comes with a Platinum Clasp and Chain and was made as a gift for a couple whose 60th wedding anniversary is coming up.

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