Hi, I’m Stanley the Sheffield Silversmith’s dog. I spend most of my days walking to the workshop in Sheffield with my Silversmith Rebecca. I wanted to give you a little insight into my life as a Silversmiths Dog. My life is p’awsome.

The walk to work is great. It takes 45 minutes and I normally finish in Brett Paynes workshop for a gravy bone dog biscuit. He sometimes serves this in a silver spoon and it tastes delicious, Rebecca normally has a cup of tea before we head upstairs to our workshop.

Workshop meeting

After the morning meeting with Brett normally talking about ‘Goldsmith’s North’, the real work begins and we normally start with a another workshop meeting in our workshop at Yorkshire Art Space in central Sheffield  this is normally about what commissions and orders we have to work on.

The right tool for the job

Once we have worked out what needs doing, it’s time to knuckle down and get to work.

We have lots of tools and hammers in the workshop. Some we have handmade for certain jobs and selecting the right tools or hammers for a project is a very important job. 

After carefully picking out the right hammer I find a good sniff and a little chew always helps to ensure I’ve picked the right tool for the job!


Making the work

Once the right tool is selected I normally lie down for a little sleep but sometimes I watch Rebecca the Silversmith, just to ensure she is doing the job correctly.

 This piece is the ‘Wine Carafe’. We make this from our handmade press tool and use the hard wood mallet to hammer out the crinkles and keep the silver flat for the press tool. We press this a few times before its ready for soldering.

Quality control

Once the work is nearly made another important job is quality control and this role I take extremely serious especially when I find dog biscuits inside of the silver.  I’m head of Quality Control.

Show time

When we finally have our work finished we normally take it to shows and put it on display for you our lovely customers to see.

I don’t always make it to the event’s apart from the odd few. A local favourite of mine is ‘Art in the Gardens’ which is set in the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield.

Everyone loves to pet me at this event. P’awsome.

I give up

Sometimes setting up the stand all becomes to much for me and I find somewhere to sleep normally on the packaging we have used to bring everything in!


Before the show starts we need to let our customers know all about it so they can come and see us and bring chews. We normally send them an invite or drop them an email if they have joined our mailing list. The invites normally look like this one I’m pictured with for our ‘Open Studios’ in Sheffield. 

Home time

My favourite part of the day has to be our 45 minute walk home when I can tuck into some yummy dog food and then curl up with my Silversmith owner until our next project begins.

Thanks for reading my story and hopefully see you soon and one of the shows. If not, why not try the online shop for any silverware gifts or silverware pieces or jewellery. You can see some of my owners other posts here.

Stanley xx