Opinel Knife in Silver by British Hallmark picture for Silversmith Rebecca Joselyn in Sheffield South Yorkshire

Luxury Silver Gifts for Men


Gifts and surprises are only a thing for ladies, right? Wrong! The truth of the matter is that even men love receiving gifts just as much as women do. Receiving gifts not only makes men excited but also makes them feel appreciated and loved.

However, giving gifts to men is not as easy as most people presume. It makes it difficult to know exactly what they want and will love. Even those men who are happy to accept gifts, it can make it hard to find the exact ideal gift for them.

So how can you find just the perfect gift for your man? Well, one thing you can never go wrong with is luxury silver gifts for men. Yes, you heard that right. Not gold, or platinum, or any other metal, but silver!

In this article, we discuss what makes silver gifts the best option for any man, as well as the different types of silver that you can find on most gifts for men. Read on also to find out where you can get the best luxury silver gifts for men.

Types of silver in jewellery

When in its pure form, silver is malleable and very soft. These two attributes of silver make it prone to bending, or even getting damaged, especially when used to make jewellery items. Therefore, to harden it and make it more useful, silver is usually alloyed with other compatible metals.

Consider the following three main types of silver alloys found in most jewellery items and accessories:

  1. Pure silver jewellery

As its name suggests, this is a pure form of silver. And not just a pure form of silver, but the purest form consisting of 99% silver and only 1% of other elements. Pure silver jewellery has two main advantages: it does not corrode (or tarnish) and is hypoallergenic.

Therefore, it can be worn safely daily, even by individuals who are allergic to metals. However, due to its softness and high malleability, pure silver is ideal for use on less contact jewellery, such as chains and earrings.

  1. Sterling silver jewellery

This is the most popular alloy of silver. Its standard hallmark is .925 STG. Sterling silver consists of pure silver (92.5%) and copper (7.5%). Just like pure silver, it is hypoallergenic and can be safely used by people who are allergic to metal.

Sometimes, sterling silver is plated with rhodium, such that it creates jewellery and accessories of better quality and brightness. Pieces of jewellery made of sterling silver have higher durability than those made of other silver alloys. Furthermore, the items do not corrode or tarnish easily.

  1. Plated (or filled) silver jewellery

Plating means applying a thin layer of coating over a base item. Therefore, plated silver consists of a thin coating of silver applied on the base metal. Filled silver jewellery is like plated silver; the only difference is that filled silver has a thicker layer coating than that of plated silver.

Plated silver is commonly used to make costume jewellery and accessories. And while it usually goes for a cheap price, it has a very low life span. On the other hand, the quality and durability of the filled silver jewellery can be said to sit between that of plated silver and sterling silver.

Why you should choose silver gifts for men

Here are six good reasons why you should consider buying gifts made of silver for your man or male friend:

  1. Silver is long-lasting

Silver is one of the most durable metals you can find. Jewellery and other items made of silver last for many years, even a lifetime when cared for properly. Also, silver jewellery can be worn daily without them tearing or wearing out easily. What’s even better, the precious metal does not corrode nor tarnish even when exposed to moisture and harsh weather conditions.

  1. Silver provides health benefits

Silver metal offers more than just fashion-related health benefits; it also provides several health benefits. Here are three benefits you can expect to get from using silver items:

  • Silver protects against toxic environments – Take, for instance, a case where excess sodium has accumulated in the body. In such a case, silver jewellery tends to turn blue, especially if worn continuously. And when it turns blue, this will be an indication to the individual that they need to reduce their intake of salty diets or even seek further medical assistance.
  • Silver can regulate the temperature of the body – silver metal can offset any electrical imbalances that occur in the body. In turn, this helps to improve the circulation of blood in the body and improves the body temperature eventually.
  • Silver is hypoallergenic – Some individuals are allergic to metal; they develop rashes and itching when their sensitive skin comes in contact with metals, such as brass and nickel. Silver (both pure silver and sterling silver) is hypoallergenic, which means that it can be worn safely by individuals with sensitive skin, without causing any rashes or itches.
  1. Silver is a trendy and elegant metal

It is no secret that men love classy and trendy pieces. And silver gifts fit this description just perfectly; they are trendy and elegant. So, if you are looking for a handsome gift to give any man, a silver item would make an ideal gift. For example, you can opt to get a man a silver necklace, bracelet, cufflinks, or even rings. And the good thing is that silver items are neither too expensive nor too cheap; they are just reasonably priced, making them the perfect luxury gifts any man deserves.

  1. Silver is ideal for daily use

No one likes carrying or wearing heavy things. Silver is ranked among the lightest metals on Earth, which makes it ideal for daily use. Also, unlike other metals, such as platinum, it does not corrode, tarnish, or scratch. Therefore, when you wear silver jewellery daily, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged any time soon.

  1. Silver is neutral

Silver is a neutral colour. In fact, silver is considered the neutral grey colour in the world of jewellery; it brings out a neutral feel just like the grey colour in clothing. Being a reflective metal, it gives off a shimmering grey appearance. It is this unique appearance of the silver metal that adds a graceful touch and elegance to any outfit or accessory work with it.

For instance, silver pieces of jewellery fit well with all types of clothing, regardless of their colour, style, and fabric. Also, they match perfectly with other types of accessories, such as leather watches and cuff shirts. Simply put, any silver accessory you buy will work with everything in a man’s wardrobe.

  1. Silver is easily available

Compared with other types of metals, silver has higher availability. Its availability can be attributed to the fact that it is malleable and contains properties that are easy to work with. These properties make it a highly preferred metal for most jewellery designers.

Also, silver gifts and accessories come in a wide range of styles, designs, shapes, and trends. The metal can be moulded to create unique pendants, bracelets, watches, and rings, just to mention a few of the accessories.

Besides, silver can be customized with other gemstones to create more aesthetically appealing items. Therefore, you can always rest assured of finding that ideal luxury silver gift that will appeal to your taste and personality.

Where can you get luxury silver gifts for men?

There are so many fashion accessory stores available in the market today; too many to count. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right store to buy silver items, you might find it quite challenging to decide. I mean, whether you are buying a luxury silver gift for yourself or a loved one, you don’t want to settle on just any shop or quality; you want to find the best store.

If you are looking to buy the best luxury silver gifts for men, one of the best online stores you can find is the Rebecca Joselyn workshop based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. So, what makes this workshop a one-of-a-kind store worth buying your silver gifts from? Well, first consider who Rebecca Joselyn is.

Rebecca Joselyn, the premier designer-maker in the workshop, is a British jeweller and silversmith. She is internationally recognized as one of the best silversmiths in the United Kingdom. This trusted Sheffield jeweller and silverware has earned two awards: A Crafts Council Development Award and a gold award. All these awards and her accomplishments are enough proof that Rebecca is just the best silversmith you could ever work with.

Secondly, the workshop based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, creates bespoke jewellery and silverware that are custom-made. Yes, you do not have to settle for just any other silver accessory; you can order a unique and customized silver item to be handmade just for you! Rebecca Joselyn and her team of other premier designer-makers have enough experience and expertise in customizing handmade items, so you can trust them to make the ideal item that fits your likes, tastes, and preferences.

Consider some of the luxury silver gifts for men you can expect to find in the workshop:

  1. Bangles and Bracelets

Bracelets look nice and trendy in the hands of men, especially when worn next to the watches. They enhance outfits and give them that extra feel of elegance and sophistication. Rebecca Joselyn makes these silver bangles and bracelets, customizing them to fit your exact preference.

Rebecca Joselyn Silversmith and Jeweller Sheffield Silver Bottle Top Bracelet.T Bar

Silver Bottle Top Bracelet by Rebecca Joselyn handmade jewellery piece made in Sheffield

  1. Brooches

Brooches can be used on ties, jackets, and suits. They not only draw attention to your outfit but also create a very bold fashion statement.

Silver Pen Top Brooch

Rebecca Joselyn Silversmith and Jeweller Sheffield Silver Pen Top Brooch

  1. Cufflinks

The handmade, custom cufflinks designed by Rebecca Joselyn signify a person’s style and personality. If you are looking to attend any formal event, these are must-have accessories in your wardrobe.

Silver Screw Head Cuff Links

Silver cufflinks in the design of screw heads by Rebecca Joselyn handmade jewellery designer piece made in Sheffield

  1. Pendants

Men who wear pendants tend to appear more sophisticated and stylish. Wearing a pendant is one of the best ways you can show off your personality and tell others more about yourself. And for a more personalized appeal, consider getting a pendant with a customized style or engraving.

Rebecca Joselyn Silversmith and Jeweller Sheffield Silver Pen Top Pendant.Blue Sapphire

Silver ‘Pen Top’ Pendant by Rebecca Joselyn by Rebecca Joselyn Silversmith and Jeweller handmade in Sheffield South Yorkshire

  1. Beekeepers Smoker

While it is made using Britannia silver, the beekeepers’ smoker is finished with an 18-carat gold plate. It is an ideal gift for any person who engages in bee/honey harvesting.

Commission - 'Bee Keepers Smoker by 'Sheffield Silversmith and Jeweller Rebecca Joselyn

Silver Bee Keepers Smoker by Rebecca Joselyn handmade silverware piece made in Sheffield

  1. Silver Oil Can

The unique silver oil is designed with a top that can be unscrewed to allow for the cleaning and filling of the oil. It provides a stylish can for serving olive oil or other salads.

Hand held Silver 'Oil' Can by Sheffield Silversmith and Jeweller Rebecca Joselyn

Hand held Silver ‘Oil Can by Rebecca Joselyn handmade bespoke silverware piece made in Sheffield

  1. Silver Watering Can

This watering can be silversmith Rebecca Joselyn is made of stylish sterling silver. It can be used for watering indoor plants, displaying flowers, or even as a table water jug.

Silver 'Watering Can' by Sheffield Silversmith and Jeweller Rebecca Joselyn

Silver ‘Watering Can’ by Sheffield Silversmith and Jeweller Rebecca Joselyn

  1. Silver Double-Ended Spirit Measure

This is a good luxury silver gift for all gin lovers. Also, the gift can be customized and even engraved with any message of your choice.

Silver ‘Double Ended Spirit Measure’ – 50 ml and 25 ml by Rebecca Joselyn Silversmith and Jeweller handmade in Sheffield South Yorkshire

Silver ‘Double Ended Spirit Measure’ – 50 ml and 25 ml by Rebecca Joselyn Silversmith and Jeweller handmade in Sheffield South Yorkshire

  1. Silver Bookmark ‘Golfer George’

If you are the sort that loves reading books, then this is just the ideal gift for you. The handmade sterling silver bookmark has a fun design of Golfer George at the top.

Silver Bookmark called Golfer George Sheffield Silversmith and Jeweller Rebecca Joselyn

One of Rebecca Joselyn’s handmade silverware pieces made in Sheffield

  1. Silver ‘People’ Cocktail Sticks

These are unique cocktail sticks featuring little human-like figures seated on the top. They are handmade bespoke sterling silver designed by silversmith Rebecca. They are sold as a set of 6 sticks.

Cocktail stirrer Stick Silver by Rebecca Joselyn

Silver people Cocktail Stirrer handmade by Rebecca Joselyn handmade jewellery piece made in Sheffield


It could be that you are looking for a timeless gift for yourself or your loved one. Whichever the case, you can never go wrong with silver jewellery or silverware. Silver is not only a classy and highly durable metal, but it also provides numerous health benefits. What’s even better, it matches well with almost all outfits and themes.

Therefore, get yourself (or your loved one) one of the best luxury silver gifts offered by the Rebecca Joselyn workshop in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Or get in touch with us today, and we will create the most unique, personalized silver gift that will give you the best service for the longest time possible.

Rebecca H. Joselyn can be found in the workshop most days designing new jewellery and custom making new silver pieces. Rebecca can make, source or design any piece of silver jewellery. Make sure you contact Rebecca for any of your jewellery or silverware requirements. Every piece is handmade in Sheffield. Once made, it is delivered free the next day to anywhere in the UK.

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