Client Brief

Design and make a lidded box.

Dimensions: 4 inches wide x 2 inches deep x 1 – 1/2 inches high.

The box does not need to contain any particular item.

An enclosed box where the lid opens – could be a lidded vessel.

Need not be hinged.

Should reflect artist’s style.

Shape need not be conventional.

Free form elevation.

3 dimensional.


2nd level of detail.

Design ideas

A selection of ideas presented to the Client.

Two boxes which looked although they had been twisted open with a key from spam or corned beef.

One box using a lift off top with a more modern ring pull design.

And after a few questions back and forth…

A decision was made for the box with a tight twist and 18 carat gold key.

Making the Key

Work began making the 18 carat gold key.

Bending the gold wire using round nose pliers to get the right shape

Tool making

A nylon chuck / former is made which is used to form the main shape of the box body.

Silver is then spun / pushed onto the nylon.

This process is done on a spinning lathe.

This forms the main shape of the body.

The Box

The box is spun and beginning to take shape.

The base is then soldered in using hard solder and a torch.

Light sanding is then done to prepare the box for the fitting of the bezel.

Making the bezel

The bezel is handmade and soldered together, light sanding is done.

Once fitted in place this will hold the lid and the base together.

Final ideas

Once the bezel is fitted a few final ideas were sent to the client.

A decision was made on a more open twist than the one which was originally agreed.

Gold plating

One of the final processes is gold plating.

A think stop out paint is applied to the silver to protect the areas we don’t want plating.

Commissioned Silver Box with a 18 Carat Gold Key by Sheffield Silversmith and Jeweller Rebecca Joselyn

The finished design

The design has one final polish before going to the photographer for pictures.

Once the photos are taken its boxed up and sent onto its new owner.