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Rebecca spends most of her time at work in her studio with her workshop companion ‘Stanley’ they are based at Yorkshire Artspace, Persistence Works Studios, 21 Brown Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 2BS. She is pictured here, designing and creating her contemporary pieces.


Rebecca explores the function of the objects she is creating. She is interested in how people interact and handle different objects. Rebecca draws her inspiration from our hectic lifestyles of convenience and throwaway items. Rebecca looks at the materials we take for granted and discard from day to day.


The Packaging Collection’ of silverware questions how using different materials can change our views on objects and their acceptance within society.


Rebecca’s Jewellery is an extension of this collection.


‘The Shed Collection’ is a play of how many tools can be reused and redesigned into fun useable objects and ‘The People Collection’ is another play on how silver can be used together with tiny people to create fun little scenes on silverware.


Rebecca also has ‘The Bar Collection’ which is a selection of contemporary  silverware designed for around the bar area and other drink related products.


If you are thinking of that special gift for a Christening and perhaps you want see Rebecca’s  selection of Silver Flower Vases which are all handmade in Sheffield.


 If you are looking for something special for the table have a look in the ‘The Table’. collection it certainly creates a talking point on any table.


You can see all of these bespoke handmade designs in her Online Shop.


Images by Ben Boswell

Contemporary Silverware

Rebecca’s work shows the interest in the unwanted throwaway packaging with its negative impact on our environment.

Environmental concerns are topical and in response to this, she has developed a range of contemporary silver Tableware ‘Bags’ and ‘Tins’ as objects for display and use within the home.

These are some examples of Rebecca’s contemporary silver designs.




Rebecca has worked on a variety of different silverware commissions for a wide range of clients. Rebecca will work with you from the initial design through the complete making process to create the finished piece of Silverware or Handmade Bespoke Jewellery, all made in Sheffield.

The Pearson Silver Collection is the largest collection of post-war British designer silver in private hands. As Jocelyn’s creations stand out as being so different from her contemporaries, acquiring examples of her work for the Collection was not a matter for debate.

We purchased a ‘Sugar Basin’ and ‘Milk Jug’. They are fun, talking pieces, well designed and above all superbly crafted. Antiques of the future, they will be cherished by generations to come.

John Andrew

The Pearson Silver collection

I am lucky enough to have several pieces made by Rebecca and I am delighted with them all, she is as efficient as she is creative, the ideal person to commission for a special gift.
Stoker Devonshire


Rebecca has made numerous pieces of silver for us. My wife and I adore the whimsical ideas she bases her designs on such as crumpled milk cartons and sardine tins. They are huge talking points at dinner parties and much admired.

Her ‘piece de resistance’ however was a set of ten ‘Silver Water Goblets’ which I commissioned for my wife’s Christmas present last year designed on paper cups, some more disfigured than others. They are gorgeous and we love them.

Michael Wainwright


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