Rebecca H. Joselyn

Truly unique custom made silverware and bespoke jewellery. 

Rebecca Joselyn Silversmith and Jeweller handmade in Sheffield South Yorkshire

Silversmith & Jeweller

Rebecca Joselyn is an internationally recognised contemporary British Silversmith and Jeweller. She is based at Yorkshire Artspace in the heart of Sheffield’s metalworking and arts district in South Yorkshire. Rebecca designs and creates truly unique custom made silverware and bespoke jewellery. Rebecca is one of Sheffield’s premier designer makers of silverware and silver jewellery. She is renowned as one of the leading Silversmith’s in the UK.

Rebecca is driven and energetic in her approach to all of her enterprises. Whilst some might say she is now reaping the rewards of a decade dedicated to excellence in craft skill and entrepreneurship, she is as much concerned with her contributions to the future of the trade as a whole as well as with the current success of her own business.
Rebecca is a mentor for the young and aspiring Silversmiths and Jewellers in the ‘Yorkshire Artspace ‘Starter Studio Programme’. She is keen to represent the precious metalworking sector in this field in years to come and help support and grow it.

Rebecca is also one of the founding directors of Goldsmiths North – an annual ‘Contemporary Silverware and Jewellery Show based in The Cutlers Hall in Sheffield.

Rebecca is a Freeman of the City of London and a Freeman of The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths.

Rebecca is also a Freeman of the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire in her home city of Sheffield.

In 2007, Rebecca won a Gold Award from the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council and the Newcomer Award from Craftsman Magazine at the British Craft Trade Fair. In 2008, she won a Crafts Council Development Award. She has an established reputation in the UK as a trusted Sheffield jeweller and Sheffield silverware designer and maker.

Rebecca’s bespoke silverware and handmade Sheffield jewellery is held in many public and private collections. Notably, her home city of Sheffield has recognised the quality of her craftsmanship for handmade silver, bespoke silverware and silver jewellery. As one of Sheffield premier designer makers and a leading Sheffield jeweller, three of her Silver Bag Vases are held in The Millennium Gallery permanent metalwork collection. Her unique silverware Silver Wine Carafe is held in The Cutlers company of Hallamshire’s Silver Collection.

Her U.K. silverware and U.K. jewellery work has caught the eye of many private collectors, both domestically and internationally. 

In 2008 her handcrafted silverware work caught the eye of the Duke of Devonshire who still collects her bespoke silverwork today. Carrie Fisher was also a collector of her contemporary silver designs. 

Rebecca regularly exhibits her silverware and silver Sheffield jewellery collections at events, craft shows and design fairs around the UK, including the prestigious Goldsmiths Fair and also Open Studios. Find out where to see Rebecca and her silverware near you this year.

Rebecca’s silverware and jewellery have been exhibited at Goldsmiths Hall in The City of London and The Islington Design Centre in London.

Rebecca has been featured in numerous trade and craft journals in addition to her work appearing in The Sunday TimesThe Financial Times and Exposed Magazine.

Rebecca’s handmade and bespoke silverware work is featured regularly in local and national press.

Rebecca’s handcrafted silverware and silver jewellery work has grabbed the attention of many journalists. As a result, she has been featured in newspapers including the Sunday Times. Rebecca has also been featured in The Financial Times in the ‘How to spend it’ section several times for her Silver Bottle Beaker, the Silver ‘Crushed Can’ Jug and the Salt and Pepper ‘Oil Drums’ and with her ‘From The Shed’ Collection. Rebecca also featured in The Telegraph with the ‘Crushed Can’ Jug.

Bubble Blower Necklace Blowing Bubbles

Bespoke Commissions

Rebecca can work with you to create commissioned bespoke silverware and handmade jewellery to your brief.

bespoke silver oil container was commissioned and shown in the museum of modern art in Kuwait. Rebecca also created the silver packaging for the world’s most expensive coffee, which was available to purchase in Harrods. See more great examples of Rebecca’s commissioned Sheffield silverware and bespoke Sheffield jewellery.

Rebecca will be more than happy to help you commission that truly one off unique piece.


Bespoke Commissions.

Rebecca can work with you to make charged custom flatware and carefully assembled adornments to your brief. brief. bespoke scustomized silver oil holder was charged and displayed in the historical center of current craftsmanship in Kuwait. Rebecca likewise made the silver bundling for the world’s most costly espresso, which was accessible to buy in Harrods. See more great examples of Rebecca’s commissioned Sheffield silverware  and bespoke Sheffield jewellery. Rebecca will be more than happy to help you commission that really one off remarkable piece. Rebecca Joselyn | BUY Jewelry and Silverware online
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